Field Production

The Serbian production region Vojvodina with its high soil quality, good climatic conditions and sufficient water supply is a perfect production area for seed.

This is the basis for a successful field production.

2 teams of experts – seed and farming – are ensuring that all production steps are operated on a high professional level. As it is our permanent goal to improve our field production we are continuously investing in our Farming operations. The bigger part of our seed production is done on own fields with own equipment which gives us the opportunity to have perfect control of each production step and to ensure 100% quality.

Our excellent team-knowledge and the use of newest and best machine technology are the key factors in field production. Beside best equipment for tillage, sowing and plant protection our modern machinery park contains newest special equipment such as detasseling machines and harvesters. These machines are used on our own fields as well as on our contract producers´ fields so we have full control of these most critical stages. On the other hand this leads to a close working relation with our producers and in this way we are continuously teaching them about the newest production technology.

As of 2017 Advance Agrifood starts to produce organic seed corn on a large scale in Austria and Hungary.