Austria´s Chamber of Agriculture high representatives visited Advance Seed´s seed plant in Subotica on 24th of August 2016

High representatives from Austria´s Chamber of Agriculture, i.e. the president of the Chamber of Agriculture, Mr. Hermann Schultes, the president of Austria´s association of farmers, the representative from the Austrian Parliament and former Federal Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Nikolaus Berlakovich as well as the executives from all Austrian regional Chambers of Agriculture visited our “Advance Seed” seed plant in Subotica during their 3 day lasting business excursion to Serbia to learn more about its agriculture and forestry.

The visitors were keen to learn about the Advance Seed farming unit, which manages 1000 ha seed production every year, as well as about the current investment project, which shall result in the most modern seed plant on the Balkans. During a tour through the seed plant, the delegation could see the ongoing seed corn harvest and the processing of maize seeds.