Client Solution

Customer always comes first at Advance Seed. To keep this promise every day, we have combined dedicated people, innovative systems and lean processes to complete our high quality seeds with unmatched services.

Advance Seed has selected experts in order processing, warehousing, logistics, and laboratory to offer tailor-made solutions for our clients. Their strength is to process each client order swiftly and implement tailor-made client solutions through the lens of our processes and products. The head of “Client Solutions” coordinates this team with the aim of integrating each client from the first day of contact as a vital part in the whole process of value creation. “Client Solutions” is actively consulting our clients and partners on the wide assortment of choices to work with us.

With our systems and processes in place, Advance Seed is able to provide real time information concerning the operational and quality status of seed during field, plant and warehouse operations for our clients. This enables our clients to make clear decisions, concerning the treatment and logistics of their seeds. Based on our experience Advance Seed has developed a unique set of key performance indicators to guarantee highest quality and performance. “Client Solutions” makes sure that these indicators are constantly tracked and proactively shared with our clients.

Advance Seed has applied measurements to constantly improve all activities and processes to eliminate waste. “Client Solutions” makes sure that the purpose of these measurements goes beyond simple productivity improvement to generate total quality management and deliver best services to our clients.

Our geographical and cultural vicinity allows us to place a special focus on the Russian market. Our ambitions to successfully tap this market are further encouraged by our language skills and the free trade agreement between Russia and Serbia.